Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentistry in Calgary?

At Taradale Dental, we offer pediatric dentistry services in Calgary NE

We offer pediatric dental care for kids and teens in Calgary

Taradale Dental is a family-friendly clinic accommodating children of any age group; in fact, parents are encouraged to bring their little ones to visit Dr. Aman Bhopal for all their dental needs.

Early check-ups help prevent cavities and tooth decay, which may result in pain, difficulty concentrating during tasks, as well as other medical problems. Youngsters with healthy teeth chew food easily, learn to speak clearly, and smile with confidence.

Here at Taradale Dental, we take every measure to ensure your child feels comfortable, relaxed, and safe. For added comfort, noise-cancelling headphones can be provided so your child can enjoy his or her favorite shows during check-ups.

Dr. Aman Bhopal and his team are friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable, and will work hard to gain your child’s trust over time. We promise a visit to the dentist will seem less scary with each appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are open 7 days a week including evenings

At Taradale Dental we want to make sure that your dental experience is comfortable and pain-free.  Our team members are very gentle and will provide distractions such as; Netflix, blankets, stress balls and talking patients through the procedure to help eliminate or reduce anxiety.  Nitrous and oral sedation are also available upon request.

Yes, we offer direct billing to help make payment options manageable. You will be notified if there are any issues with billing your insurance company directly.

Looking For Pediatric Dental Services In Calgary NE?

At Taradale Dental we’ll guide you in taking care of your child’s oral health
Dr. Aman Bhopal will make sure that your child feels comfortable, relaxed, and safe during the dental appointment

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