There have been many documented cases of e-cigarettes exploding, which can cause a range of problems. E-cigarettes are very popular, but are known to cause a range of health problems. Now, research has looked into cases of exploding e-cigarettes, and the dire consequences such events can have.

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The popularity of e-cigarettes, also known as “vaping”, continues to rise, which represents significant danger to those engaging in vaping, as well as the wider society.

While vaping causes a range of physical health problems, it also causes many problems for oral health. Many people are unaware of the damage they are doing by vaping.

A more recent phenomenon concerns multiple reports from around the world where e-cigarettes are spontaneously exploding – resulting in disastrous consequences, including serious injuries. Research has been carried out into such occurrences [1].

The Danger of Vaping

Vaping is a common thing to do, especially among younger people. In fact, research shows that over 9million American adults and 2million teenagers use tobacco-based e-cigarettes [2].

Despite vaping being seen as a “healthier” method of smoking, vaping can actually have just as bad health problems as smoking does.

E-cigarettes heat up a liquid, which creates a vapor that users inhale. Simply put, the device simulates regular smoking. The negative health consequences of vaping is unknown by many.

E-cigarettes still contain nicotine, making them very addictive. Moreover, they also introduce a range of dangerous chemicals into the body [3].

On an oral health front, vaping has been shown to contribute to tooth decay and therefore put e-cigarette users at a higher risk of developing cavities [4].

Furthermore, over the last few years, there have been several reports of e-cigarettes exploding out of nowhere. Research into this phenomenon has been carried out, focusing on the health consequences of this.

The Research

The research was carried out by a team of researchers at La Trobe University, Australia. Subsequently, it was published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery [1].

The researchers began by acknowledging that instances of exploding e-cigarettes are rare [1]. For example, over the last 10 years, there have been 32 recorded cases of exploding e-cigarettes [1].

However, this topic merits research, as the seriousness of the injuries caused by exploding e-cigarettes are substantial. The researchers looked at case reports of these 32 cases [1].

When an e-cigarette explodes, significant damage can be done. Severe burns are common. Furthermore, blast injuries from the projectile can even dislodge into the brain and cause death [1].

In these 32 cases, the researchers found that there were 105 injuries to the facial region – an average of just over 3 per person [1]. These injuries ranged from severe to moderate.

Some victims required major surgery, which included jaw reconstruction, dental implants and skin grafts – owing to the damage caused [1].

In the 32 cases, the researchers found that other consistencies included victims having a bone or tooth fracture [1]. Therefore, this resulted in extractions being required, as well as laser eye surgery in select cases.

Some were more fortunate, in that their e-cigarettes exploded either in their pocket or when they were holding them by their waist. However, damage was still done.

For example, among the 32, there were also injuries to the hips, legs, arms and thighs [1]. Therefore, these explosions can cause a range of injuries – regardless of where the explosion happens.

What these findings mean

These findings are very concerning. While explosions are rare, the consequences appear to be severe. While no deaths have yet been reported, it may only be a matter of time before this happens.

The researchers also pointed out that not every case of an e-cigarette exploding will have been reported on [1]. Victims may feel too embarrassed to seek treatment, while reporting measures in some countries is also limited. Therefore, the number of people affected may actually be much higher.

We are all already aware of the danger that vaping poses to our physical and oral health. But now, this research shows there are further concerns to worry about – including these explosions.

While the explosions are rare, they do happen, and require extensive treatment to correct any problems caused.

Thinking points…

[1] Vaping is common, and it is easy to be unaware of the damage that e-cigarettes can cause. But if you do use vapes, please be aware that here at our Calgary Dental Clinic Taradale Dental, we will happily have a discussion with you about your oral health and provide practical advice on the use of e-cigarettes. You can book a check-up with us now, where we can look at your oral health and provide advice. We would love to see you soon!

[2] If you are a parent and have teenage children, this article is of significant relevance to you. You could show your children this article and explain the potential danger that vaping can have. Avoiding the use of e-cigarettes can be hugely helpful to their life and ensure their physical and oral health is strong. You can set a good example by attending a dental clinic with them. You could both make an appointment now!

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