Oral health organization America’s ToothFairy are known for advocating for improved access to oral healthcare, especially for children. This year, they are receiving more than $20 million in dental supplies and equipment. Therefore, this will boost their mission significantly. They work closely with a range of nonprofit dental clinics, who continue to offer support for those in need of oral healthcare..

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The organization America’s ToothFairy, who advocate for increased access to oral healthcare, is receiving more than $20 million in dental supplies and equipment this year [1].

This is a welcome boost for the organization, and will help them to continue their mission to improve oral healthcare access – especially for those that come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Among the benefactors will be nonprofit dental clinics, who American’s ToothFairy work closely with. This will ensure that many people will benefit from the work of the organization.

Who are America’s ToothFairy?
We have all heard of the tooth fairy, which serves as a way of reminding children of the importance of oral health. Whilst America’s ToothFairy is not part of this, it also partakes in supporting the dental health of children.

America’s ToothFairy was founded in 2006. Its aim is to increase access to oral healthcare by supporting nonprofit clinics that deliver education, prevention and treatment services [2]. The organization supports 31 nonprofit clinics and community partners [1].

For example, there have been cases where children have had severe dental needs that due to the costs involved, haven’t been able to be treated. Instead, America’s ToothFairy has stepped in to provide financial support.

Why do some children have poor oral health?
America’s ToothFairy has questioned how the wealthiest country in the world finds itself in a situation where many children are unable to receive desperately needed oral healthcare due to cost [3].

When we think about the superior medical facilities that the United States has compared to most countries, it is hard to fathom how this situation has developed.

On their website, America’s ToothFairy have argued that these reasons include the erroneous belief that children’s teeth don’t matter, an inability to pay for dental care, a lack of access to dentists, unawareness of the harm of tooth decay, and in some cases, parental neglect [3].

These are a range of factors. Any reason alone is enough to cause issues, but for some people, there are multiple reasons involved.

The donations
In positive news for the organization, they are receiving $20 million in dental supplies and equipment this year, which will assist them immeasurably [1].

These donations will be passed onto members of their Dental Resource Program (DRP). So far, over 10 million children have been treated by their DRP since 2006 [1].

A range of organizations, including large dental companies, have donated to America’s Tooth Fairy. These range from monetary donations to equipment, such as dental instruments and materials.
For example, these companies include GC America, Crest, Tokuyama, and Cosmedent among others [1].
The donations also contribute to educating families about the importance of their oral health. This can aid the oral health of both parents and children.

Regardless of the type of donation, any contribution to America’s ToothFairy’s efforts is helpful and has a wide-reaching impact.

America’s nonprofit dental clinics

There are numerous nonprofit dental clinics across the United States. They may also be known as Safety Net dental clinics. They are intended for low-income families or individuals to go and receive dental care.
As the name “safety net” suggests, these clinics provide a location where those who cannot afford dental care can visit to receive support. They are hugely important for many.

Research has shown that these clinics provide access to groups that have had traditional access barriers. Moreover, they have been praised as being a key component of ongoing strategies to address the problems of dental access [4].

It is these nonprofit dental clinics which work closely with America’s ToothFairy. They are able to use the donations to better serve vulnerable patients who are in desperate need of oral healthcare.

Comments from America’s ToothFairy
Jill Malmgren is the executive director of America’s ToothFairy. She has commented on the current situation and the usefulness of nonprofit dental clinics [1].

Malmgren said “we believe that nonprofit dental clinics are the best way to ensure that all families can access the dental home their children need to treat dental disease and prevent tooth decay” [1].

Continuing, she said that “safety-net clinics can break the cycle of poor oral health in low-income and underserved areas with support from the dental community” [1].

Clearly, the organization are providing plenty of support for low-income Americans. Hopefully, they are contributing to an improvement in overall oral health across the nation.

Thinking points…
[1] Given the importance of oral health to children, it is unsurprising that so much effort goes into supporting them. If you have any children, remember to remind them of the importance of looking after their oral health. Attending dental appointments with them can help them to be aware of how crucial check-ups are. With this in mind, you could even attend appointments together! We recommend booking an appointment now!

[2] As shown, America’s ToothFairy have a very positive impact. If you would like to donate to America’s ToothFairy, you can do so at their website: https://www.americastoothfairy.org/donate-a-product. But in terms of providing other support, raising awareness of children’s oral health is a great alternative!

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