Extracted human teeth are very important for dental research. These teeth have allowed scientists to further their understanding of the human tooth and improve treatment outcomes. However, due to various concerns, there has recently been a push to find a substitute for extracted teeth. Now, a team of researchers have developed a new material that can mimic human teeth.

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The use of extracted human teeth in dental research has been invaluable to scientists. They have helped scientists to carry out tasks like evaluating ceramic materials for a tooth’s crown restoration.

As these are exact human teeth, they are crucial for training and simulating real-life situations. However, due to concerns regarding Covid-19 and other issues, collecting extracted human teeth is becoming increasingly difficult.

Therefore, there has been a strong push for materials that could act as a substitute for extracted human teeth. Now, a team of researchers have been able to develop a new material that mimics a human tooth [1].

The Research

This research was carried out by a team across multiple institutions – including the University of Hong Kong, Wuhan University in China, and Drexel University in the United States [1].

The research team hoped to find dentine analog materials that could be a substitute for extracted human teeth in laboratory experiments and research.

Due to the very unique material of human teeth, it has proven very difficult in the past to mimic this in any way. But the research team sought to change this.

The team investigated various composite materials. They wanted to test these materials for their mechanical strength, indentation hardness, elastic modulus and fatigue behavior [1].

Moreover, fatigue behavior is especially important, as this tests how the material would cope under levels of stress – for instance, hard and soft foods.

Taking these areas into consideration, the researchers were able to craft a material to mimic natural teeth. They fabricated the new dentine analog materials and adhesively bonded them to lithium crowns [1].

Then, they analyzed how this material could be used in research. They found that the material was very effective – and was capable of simulating human teeth [1].

Similar stress levels and distributions between dentine and analog materials were found – underlining their effectiveness [1]. The research certainly proven successful.

Review of findings

The researchers were very pleased with the results. Creating a material like the natural tooth has proven difficult, so this is a positive step forward.

One of the researchers – Dr. James Tsoi – commented on the findings. He said that “this study evaluated the mechanical properties and fatigue behavior of dentine analog materials experimentally, analytically and numerically, and found a material with spectacular size and shape can reliably replace human dentine as the substrate in a ceramic crown fatigue test” [2].

Continuing, Tsoi is looking towards the future by saying “we hope this study can help researchers who are facing the problem of inadequate extracted human teeth and facilitate predictable laboratory research with the aid of dentine analog materials” [2].

These findings were certainly useful. There is the hope that this will enable a wider breadth of choices for research in the future, which will help to improve treatment outcomes in dentistry.

Thinking points…

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