New research has looked to see if there is a connection between oral bacteria and the development of Pancreatic Cancer. The research found that when using mice, a connection was present between the two areas. This is a concerning link, and emphasizes the importance of our oral health.

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Recent research has looked at a possible connection between oral bacteria and Pancreatic Cancer development [1]. The research took place using mice.

While the link between physical and oral health is well-known, pancreatic cancer is not a condition that has been researched in connection with oral health before.

It is always important to look at how oral health is connected to different conditions. This is very relevant in this case, as pancreatic cancer is often life-threatening.


This research involves oral bacteria and pancreatic cancer. Oral bacteria is unavoidable, but having too much “bad” bacteria can result in many problems developing. For example, Gum disease is a common result of bacteria.

Pancreatic cancer is a type of cancer that affects the pancreas, which is an organ at the top part of the stomach [2]. It is closely linked to the production of insulin, which is a key part of the human body.

There are no clear causes of pancreatic cancer. However, those that are aged 65 and over, are overweight, or have a family history of the condition – are all at heightened risk [2]. Pancreatic cancer is a very dangerous type of cancer.

The Research

The research was conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Their findings have been published in the Gut journal [1].

The research involved oral bacteria, with the Porphyromonas gingivalis oral bacteria being used. This type of oral bacteria is known to be linked to Arthritis and metabolic disorders [3]. Moreover, this type of bacteria is connected to gum disease.

The study used mice. To begin with, the oral bacteria was administered into the gums of mice [1]. The researchers then waited to see how the mice reacted. They specifically wanted to see if the bacteria made it to the pancreas, and the impact it would have.

Indeed, the bacteria did make it to the pancreas of the mice [1]. The researchers found that the bacteria migrated to the area quite quickly.

In doing so, the bacteria affected the microbial balance of the pancreas, making there be more unhealthy bacteria present. When this happens, cancerous cells can form. Subsequently, this made many of the mice vulnerable to pancreatic cancer.

Moreover, the researchers found that prolonged exposure of the bacteria to the pancreas was associated with worsening abnormalities in the pancreas [1]. Therefore, this could suggest that when the bacteria spends a long time in the pancreas, that cancer becomes likelier.

The researchers also pointed out that potential genetic mutations can help oral bacteria to survive inside cells [1]. While genetic mutations are rare, it does show us that some people will be more vulnerable to this condition.

However, even when genetic mutations weren’t present, the researchers found that the bacteria was able to survive in the pancreas [1]. This is concerning, and shows how oral bacteria can impact us.

Overall, the research was able to demonstrate a link between oral bacteria and the onset of pancreatic cancer in mice.

What this means

The research suggests that there is a connection between oral bacteria and pancreatic cancer. It is important to note that the research was completed on mice, so it isn’t entirely certain that humans will be impacted in the same way. However, past research has shown similarities between mice models and humans.

Professor Gabriel Nussbaum is the lead researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Biomedical and Oral Research, and was the lead author of this research [4]. Nussbaum commented that the study “underscores the significance of considering oral health in understanding and tackling pancreatic cancer” [4].

Looking ahead to the future, Nussbaum said that this study helps with “not long shedding light on potential risk factors, but also uncovering new avenues for intervention and treatment” [4].

It will be very difficult to replicate this study on humans, but the research offers ways of improving existing treatments. For example, this research does open up possibilities for future research, which could result in improvements in treatment outcomes for pancreatic cancer, as well as prevention strategies.

Thinking points…

[1] This research shows the importance of avoiding oral bacteria where possible. But where does oral bacteria emanate from? A high intake of sugary and starchy foods and tobacco use can hasten the production of bacteria. Moreover, this can also result in the development of gum disease. Therefore, try to change your diet where possible to be healthier, as this can clearly have a positive impact!

[2] This research underlines how crucial our oral health is! With this in mind, make sure you keep your oral health strong. An important part of this process is to attend regular dental appointments, as these offer the chance for a dentist to take a look at your oral health and provide advice. It is advisable to attend a dental clinic once every six months. We recommend booking an appointment now!

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