The Canadian Dental Association have urged the Government to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for healthcare workers. They believe this is a crucial step towards Canada’s ongoing recovery from Covid-19. Their statement however has caused controversy.

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The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) have called for provincial and territorial governments to take immediate action to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for oral healthcare professionals [1].

In an official statement, the CDA have urged the Government to act in order to ensure that oral healthcare workers are able to continue in their “duty of care” to the Canadian public [1].

Vaccine mandates are a very controversial issue. The issues are rooted in ethics, hesitancy, misinformation, religion, bodily autonomy and more.


Throughout most of the Covid-19 pandemic, just emergency and urgent dental work has been completed. But in recent months, routine oral appointments, for instance regular check-ups, have resumed.

The CDA made the decision in August 2020 to resume regular dental treatment. Moreover, they cited a sufficient reduction in Covid-19 transmission rates to justify their decision [2].

Now that more and more people are visiting dental clinics, the CDA believe that vaccinations should be mandated by the government.

The latest statistics show that 79% of Canadians have received both of their vaccinations. However, 1 in 5 citizens are not, which still raises the risk of infection.

CDA Statements

The CDA have called for all healthcare professionals to be vaccinated. These include dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and even dental clinic reception staff [1].

The CDA represent over 20,000 dentists [1]. They believe that Canada’s case numbers should lower because of more people being vaccinated.

Healthcare workers come into contact with members of the public every day. Workers in the dental industry have been working tirelessly to help the public receive much-needed dental appointments.

Are the vaccination working?

Statistics throughout Canada and the wider world suggest that vaccines are proving effective against Covid-19 [3].

Both Israel and the United Kingdom were among the fastest to vaccinate over half of their citizens. Both nations have enjoyed reductions in cases in recent months [3].

However, in the Seychelles, despite the majority of their nation being vaccinated, in May they witnessed a large rise in cases [4]. These events have led to some opposing mandatory vaccinations.

Many people have been hesitant towards being vaccinated. There has been a lot of misinformation, for instance the idea that vaccines include a microchip, therefore making some worried.

Vaccinations are part of a “Duty of Care”

The above statistics appear to confirm that vaccinations are largely working. Infections and deaths from Covid-19 are falling around the world.

President of the CDA, Dr. Richard Holden, spoke about the reasoning behind the CDA’s stance. Holden said that dentistry’s “highest priority” has been to safeguard “the publics’ oral and overall health”.

Moreover, as oral healthcare providers, Holden stated that the CDA has “a fundamental duty of care to protect the health and safety of patients and the public”.

Holden went on to say that this duty of care relates to full vaccination. The CDA also urged those unvaccinated or partially vaccinated in Canada to get vaccinated.

Finally, for those unsure about the safety of currently attending dental clinics, the CDA have sought to ease concerns. The CDA have said that dental professionals are experts in infection prevention and control. Additional precautionary measures have also been put in place.

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