Dental professionals currently have some concerns about the Federal Government’s new Dental Care Plan. These concerns largely revolve around some crucial details not yet being provided by the government. The plan is expected to see huge numbers of people enrol. Therefore, having all of the required details is very important, and can aid the eventual rollout.

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There are just a few months to go before patients can start making appointments for check-ups or treatments that will be funded by the Federal Government’s new Dental Care Plan.

However, for dental professionals like dentists and hygienists, there are still many concerns. The main concern is that some crucial details are still yet to be revealed [1].

The uncertainty is causing problems, and may cause issues when the rollout begins. Therefore, dental professionals have urged the federal government to provide answers to their queries soon.

The Canadian Dental Care Plan

The Canadian Dental Care Plan will offer assistance with dental costs to low- and middle-income families [2]. The government have budgeted $13 billion to get the plan started.

The plan will be rolled out over several months, with it due to eventually support all eligible Canadians. Already, 400,000 seniors aged over 72 have enrolled [1].

But while there are details for patients, there are several questions outstanding for dental professionals. These problems could inhibit a successful launch of the plan.

The Concerns

There are many concerns for dental professionals. The primary concerns revolve around how the plan will work, and how much they will be compensated by the government for the services provided [1].

Moreover, it isn’t yet known how dental providers can sign up to offer their services for those using the dental plan [1].

Furthermore, with the plan due to be rolled out soon, we are getting into a situation where it is becoming a race against time for these details to be provided.

This feeling is summed up Heather Carr, who is the President of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) [1]. She says that “we are running out of time, and we need to get these details wrapped up very soon” [1].

Continuing, Carr said that “dentists really want to care for these patients”, but that they need to know “exactly what the criteria are that we’ll be working under” [1].

The hope is that dentists will be able to get the information needed in time for the rollout. But as Carr alluded to, time is of the essence.

How have the government responded?

The federal government are aware of the concerns. Health minister Mark Holland is due to meet personnel from the CDA this week [1]. The aim is for this meeting to provide the details that are needed.

Holland spoke at a press conference when he said such conversations can have “some difficulties and challenges”, but that they are “ready, imminently, to be able to share information with all providers” [1].

The plan was agreed by the ruling Liberal Party in exchange for support from the New Democratic Party (NDP), following the last federal election. The creation of a dental plan has been one of the main policies for the party in recent years.

NDP’s additional concerns

However, the NDP also share some concerns with dental professionals. Don Davies, who is a Health Critic for the NDP, said “it’s time” that dentists are made aware “of the details of the plan, because we expect people to be in dental chairs in May” [1].

Davies has suggested that providers should be compensated at the same level that is received when they treat patients with dental coverage from their employer. Therefore, Davies says he doesn’t expect dentists to have to “subsidize” this plan [1].

Davies has said that past dental programs that have been attempted over the last 100 years have often failed due to the government not paying providers suitably [1].


There are some complications though. For example, each territory and province has its own guide on how much dental treatments cost. Therefore, this could result in some areas being over-funded, and some under-funded.

With this in mind, Dr. Brock Nicolucci, who is the President of the Ontario Dental Association, has said “it’s only appropriate to respect the different provinces and territories’ fee guides” [1].

What will happen next?

The hope is that the aforementioned meeting between Holland and the CDA will prove fruitful, and result in key details being provided.

As well as providing answers to dental professionals, such discussions can also help providers. Providers need to know if they will be offering the dental plan.

With the government expecting around half a million people per month enrolling this year, the plan is likely to be very popular [1]. Therefore, having all of the details confirmed as a matter of urgency is important.

By having all of the details confirmed, this will enable dental providers to complete any administrative work. Eventually, it will also help towards the plan being rolled out successfully.

Thinking points…

[1] The Canadian Dental Plan is due to be rolled out soon. But instead of waiting for its arrival prior to booking an appointment, it is important to not deviate from your normal check-up schedule. Therefore, make sure you regularly attend the dentist for a check-up! This offers the chance for a dentist to take a thorough look at your oral health. We recommend booking an appointment now!

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[2] Ontario Dental Association. (2022). Canadian Dental Care Plan. Available: Last accessed: 10th February 2024.