Apple cider vinegar is a very popular product that is used for a multitude of reasons. It is commonly used as a home remedy, a sauce for food, or consumed in tablet form. But despite its benefits, it also impacts our oral health. Unfortunately, research shows that the ingredients of apple cider vinegar can damage our teeth.

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Apple cider vinegar has become a popular home remedy over the last few years. In fact, the combination has been used for hundreds of years!

It is believed to help with a range if health issues – including high cholesterol, blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and obesity. Therefore, it has become very popular [1].

Regardless of popularity, many wonder if it is healthy or not. Moreover, it can also be questioned as to what impact apple cider vinegar has on our oral health.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar has a variety of uses. Most people consume it with food as an additive to sauces, salad dressings and marinades.

Then others choose to drink it after diluting it with water. Furthermore, such is its popularity, apple cider vinegar is also found in the form of pills, powders and tablets.

Apple cider vinegar is made through the process of fermenting sugars from apples, which turns them into acetic acid – the active ingredient in vinegar [2].

As the combination is a strong source of nutrients – like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin C – it is often a go-to product for many [2].

So the physical health benefits of apple cider vinegar appear to be positive – though further research is needed to confirm this. But what about the impact on oral health? The truth is, there is good and bad points to it.

Apple cider vinegar and oral health: the good

There are some positives. Research suggests that apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial qualities – meaning it is capable of fighting against bacteria [3].

The research suggests that rinsing our mouth with apple cider vinegar can reduce the viability of bacteria and disrupt biofilms [3]. Moreover, the same research found that there was a strong decrease in the levels of bacteria in saliva samples after rinsing with vinegar [3].

This suggests that apple cider vinegar can be very effective at eliminating bacteria in our mouth. This is an excellent measure against dental plaque.

For those with false teeth, diluted vinegar can be used as a liquid to soak acrylic dentures in [1]. Because of its ability to dissolve tartar, vinegar can have a benefit for false teeth.

Apple cider vinegar and oral health: the bad

However, sadly for fans of apple cider vinegar, there are also some negatives. Firstly, aside from the above, there is little research to support the use of apple cider vinegar as an anti-microbial tool.

The main reason for apple cider vinegar not being good for our oral health is that just like other kind of vinegars – it is very high in acid [1]. Acid and teeth are a bad combination.

Acid unfortunately erodes the enamel on our teeth. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body, but despite this, acid is still capable of breaking through it. It eventually thins, resulting in the enamel wearing away.

Therefore, apple cider vinegar directly contributes to tooth decay, tooth sensitivity and cavities. While diluting apple cider vinegar can help, it is very difficult to completely neutralize the acid without losing all taste.

While the occasional use of apple cider vinegar is unlikely to have a big effect, prolonged use can result in enamel erosion. As mentioned, this causes numerous problems.


If you do regularly consume apple cider vinegar, we recommend taking some steps to avoid damaging your enamel. Diluting the vinegar can be very helpful as a starting point.

If you are drinking it, using a straw can be helpful, as it minimizes contact with teeth. Also, if you drink water after its use, this can also help to neutralize acid in your mouth.

Above all, brushing regularly with fluoridated toothpaste is vital, as this can protect our enamel, and lessen the chances of damage. This includes damage from apple cider vinegar.

Thinking points…

1) Many of us have apple cider vinegar, and it does seem to have many benefits to it. But it is important to remember the oral health implications – with the acid in it impacting our teeth. Try and cut down on its use, and remember to drink some water afterwards, as this can help neutralize the saliva in your mouth. You could share this article with your friends and family, and make them aware of this information.

2) There are many things that unwittingly impact our oral health. This is an example of why it is so important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups. A dentist can provide advice, check on the health of your mouth, and provide treatment if needed. Here at our Calgary Dental Clinic Taradale Dental, we recommend that our patients visit us twice a year for a check-up. We recommend booking an appointment soon!

What we offer at Taradale Dental

Taradale Dental is a Calgary dental clinic that provide its patients with a range of treatment options and advice aimed at improving oral health.

It is very important to have excellent oral hygiene. This involves brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing regularly and eating healthily. Therefore, this should help your oral health.

We advise our patients to attend our Calgary dental clinic at least twice per year for a regular dental check-up. At these check-ups, we provide our patients with advice, and look for any problems. If problems are found, we have many treatments available. For example, these include cavity fillings and root canals.

Here at Taradale Dental, we also have some cosmetic treatments available! These include dental implants, teeth whitening and Invisalign™! Many people find that these treatments have a positive impact on their appearance, confidence and self-esteem.

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