FluoriMax™ is an exciting new dental varnish that is being released in Canada. This dental varnish can have a very positive impact on oral health, with the aim of protecting teeth from cavities. Oral Science are releasing the varnish, with a new flavour of cotton candy being launched. They aim to improve the oral health of patients across Canada.

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A brand-new flavour of dental varnish has been released in Canada. Oral Science are presenting the new varnish – named FluoriMax™ – which has been in development for many years.

The innovative new cotton candy flavour can have a positive impact on oral health whilst providing a fantastic taste for patients [1].

What is a dental varnish?

FluoriMax™ is a type of dental varnish. A dental varnish is a liquid that can be applied on the surface of the teeth. It starts as a thin layer which converts into a solid layer.

A dental varnish will have fluoride as its key ingredient. Fluoride is the main ingredient in toothpaste, underlining its importance. A dental varnish protect the teeth and can prevent new cavities from developing and stop cavities that have already started.

What is FluoriMax™ and how does it work?

FluoriMax™ has been in development since 2014 [1]. Research at the time showed that fluoride uptake into enamel was actually the same at a 2.5% concentration – rather than the traditional 5% concentration used in varnishes [2].

This patented technology has helped many people in recent years. The latest flavour is cotton candy – with its sweet taste likely to be popular with customers. It is also sweetened with xylitol [3].

FluoriMax™ aims to provide the highest level of treatment against caries. To achieve this FluoriMax™ forces more sodium fluoride to the surface of the varnish when applied to the tooth. Therefore, this provides a large quantity of fluoride onto the teeth compared to other leading brands [1].

FluoriMax™ also presents itself as very cost-effective. For example, a standard 12ml bottle involves 585 drops. The typical dose for an adult is four drops, meaning an average dose is $1.04 [3].

Key ingredients

One of the concerns that many people have with fluoride varnishes is the heavy reliance on colophony – which is a natural resin from pine trees that often cause allergic reactions. FluoriMax™ is the first varnish to be colophony free [3].

Instead, FluoriMax™ uses food grade shellac resin which increases its safety. This resin dries quickly, helping it to bond to the teeth quicker than colophony [3]. Moreover, it also produces a higher quantity of fluoride to make contact with the tooth [3].

Another crucial ingredient it includes is Hydroxyapatite, which is found in our enamel and dentine [1]. Therefore, these ingredients can help boost enamel which is crucial for our oral health.

The formula has proven popular in the past. On their website, Oral Science show some testimonials from both dentists and patients [2]. One says that “it’s fast to use, applies much thinner than other varnishes, and dries clear” [2].

Where to get FluoriMax™

FluoriMax™ is available in Canada exclusively through Oral Science. Other flavors of the varnish include bubble gum, caramel, and mint [1].

Patients can discuss treatments like varnishes with their dentist. Given the advantages of FluoriMax™, it is likely to be very popular with patients.

Thinking points…

[1] This article mentions cavities. Cavities involve tooth decay which needs to be removed and subsequently filled. It is crucial that cavities are picked up at an early stage as this prevents them from worsening and requiring a root canal treatment. Therefore, remember to attend your dental clinic for a check-up at least once every six months, as this presents a chance for your dentist to detect cavities and any other problems. We recommend you book an appointment now!

[2] Varnishes are sometimes used for cosmetic purposes as they can whiten teeth. However, it is important to realize that there are a wide variety of other cosmetic treatments available. For example, here at our Calgary dental clinic, we offer teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers and bonding. Take a look at our website for more details https://taradaledental.ca!

What we offer at Taradale Dental

Taradale Dental is a Calgary dental clinic that provide its patients with a wide range of dental treatment options and advice aimed at improving their oral health.

It is very important to have excellent oral hygiene. This involves brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing regularly and eating healthily. Therefore, this should help your oral health.

We advise our patients to attend our Calgary dental clinic at least twice per year for a regular dental check-up. At these check-ups, we provide a comprehensive review of a patient’s oral health. If any problems are detected, we have many treatments available. For example, these include cavity fillings and root canals.

Here at Taradale Dental, we also have some cosmetic treatments available! These include dental implants, teeth whitening and Invisalign™! Many people find that these treatments have a positive impact on their appearance, confidence and self-esteem.

Moreover, all of our services at our Calgary dental clinic Taradale Dental are set in line with the Alberta Dental Fee Guide. This ensures transparent and fair pricing.

We hope to see you soon at our Taradale Dental clinic in Calgary! You can find out more about us by visiting our website https://taradaledental.ca.


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