A new hydrogel created by researchers could help instigate bone regeneration, in an exciting finding. Bone loss is a key issue in oral health, and causes a range of issues. Therefore, having a hydrogel capable of stimulating bone regeneration could have a highly positive impact on many people around the world. Clinical trials could follow in the future.

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An innovative piece of technology could potentially result in bone regeneration, which would correct large bone defects. The technology comes in the form of a special hydrogel.

After successful tests using an animal model, the researchers are now aiming to carry out clinical trials, with a view to eventually releasing the gel to consumers [1].


While research in recent decades has led to marked changes in oral health, there are some ongoing issues that have continuously plagued scientists.

For example, bone regeneration is an issue that has had significant effort put into it, albeit with little success. Moreover, it continues to be a subject that scientists hope to advance their knowledge in.

Therefore, having research like this study is important. If bone regeneration would be possible, then oral health treatments could result in less pain and better all-round dental health.

Bone loss in Oral Health

Bone loss is a very big issue. For example, those who suffer from bone loss in the mouth typically have a higher number of missing teeth and jaw pain [2].

Professor Lihi Adler-Abramovich commented on the situation [3]. She has said that “small bone defects, such as fractures, heal spontaneously, with the body restoring the lost bone tissue” [3]. However, as Adler-Abramovich acknowledges, “the problem begins with large bone defects” [3].

Continuing, the professor mentions that bones are “unable to renew” themselves following events like physical trauma, tooth extraction, gum disease or inflammation around dental implants” [3].

The Research

The research was completed by Tel Aviv University in Israel. Subsequently, their findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology [1].

The researchers were looking to affect the extracellular matrix. This is the substance that surrounds and support our cells.

Every tissue in the body has a specific extracellular matrix. The researchers wanted to try and mimic the structure of the extracellular matrix of the natural bone. The hydrogel they used followed the same chemical and physical properties as a natural bone [1].

To begin with, the researchers grew cells in a 3D model of this gel. They looked to see how the hydrogel impacted model animals with large bone defects that couldn’t heal spontaneously [1].

Over the course of two months, the researchers monitored the animal model. To their delight, at the end of the two months, the bone defects had been fully corrected through regeneration [1].

In fact, the bones had regained their original thickness and had also generated new blood vessels [1]. This was an impressive result, and left the researchers delighted.

Therefore, their gel could activate the immune system, which aided the process of healing [1]. Overall, this was a very positive finding.

What this means

The implication of this study is that in the future, those with oral health problems could potentially be treated with the hydrogel. Therefore, this may result in bone regeneration.

This would have a range of benefits for oral health. For example, instead of tooth loss being treated with implants or dentures, bone regeneration could be possible, with the hydrogel generating a strong immune response.

The researchers were pleased with the outcome of the research. Some commented on the findings, and spoke of their excitement for the future.

Adler-Abramovich said that the team had “developed a hydrogel that mimics the natural substances in the extracellular matrix of bones, stimulating bone growth and reactivating the immune system to accelerate the healing process” [3].

The hydrogel was only used on an animal model. Therefore, before the hydrogel can be brought to the market, clinical trials would be needed.

If these trials are successful though, it could be a very promising moment for oral health. All of those that struggle with pain and chewing difficulties could have a treatment that would result in a much-improved standard of life.

Thinking points…

1) This hydrogel is certainly an exciting prospect. But ultimately, we should all be looking at prevention, rather than reactive treatments. The best way of avoiding oral health problems is to maintain excellent oral hygiene. A very important part of having strong oral hygiene is to attend regular dental check-ups, as these can give us an indication of the state of our dental health. We highly recommend booking an appointment now!

2) Tooth loss is mentioned in the article above. Tooth loss is often caused by advanced gum disease – which affects a large number of people. Many of us have gum disease without even being aware. At your next dental check-up, you may wish to have a discussion with your dentist about your gums, as they are a crucial part of your long-term dental health. Consider booking a check-up soon, when you can have a useful conversation about the health of your gums.

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